The Backstory

The households in the Wonkole Sub-County struggle to produce enough nutritious foods because of low yields that result from lack of knowledge regarding proper soil and crop management, poor soil fertility, little access to water, and a lack of access to farming inputs. In addition, climate change, poverty, illness, poor eating habits and personal hygiene, food taboos, and inefficient markets all contribute to the difficulty of those households becoming food and nutrition secure. The Permagarden is a climate smart strategy that combines permaculture and bio-intensive agriculture to create highly productive gardens. Using simple tools, households will learn how to create highly productive fenced gardens, about 500 square feet, and prepare balanced meals

How You Can Help

The permagarden strategy has demonstrated to strengthen and intensify local food production in developing countries, thereby mitigating the adverse effects of food insecurity and famine. With the money raised through this campaign, the CenRID team can greatly increase our outreach and help more communities build their resilience to improve food and nutrition security. 100% of the proceeds raised will be used to directly train these households to create these highly productive home gardens, and also empower them through hygiene and sanitation behavior change workshops to help improve the quality and availability of drinking water.

Any amount you can donate towards our goal is immensely valuable and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to the CenRID team and the people of Uganda!

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