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Mitigating the Impacts of Food Insecurity through our ​​​#permagarden4all Initiative

Our #permagarden4all initiative involves  the establishment of -at least- 1 permagarden per household in vulnerable communities to increase the availability, access, and utilization of safe and nutritious food.
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CenRID is committed to helping families and communities prevent and mitigate the impacts of food insecurity.
The Permagarden method is a climate smart strategy that combines permaculture and bio-intensive agriculture to create a highly productive garden. Our Permagardens Education and Management Taskforce (PEMT) train households on the establishment and proper management of their gardens.
In addition to subsistence agriculture, these high yield home gardens can also be utilized as ‘market gardens’ because of their intensive production. Cash crops, such as, wheat, corn, and other oil yielding crops like mustard seeds can be grown in these permagardens and later be sold at competitive prices in local markets. Depending on the size of the household and location, CenRID will help to set up at least one permagarden for each household in their program communities . Through these permagardens, CenRID aims to enhance the capacity of communities to better understand their environment and ultimately become more productive.

Promote the adoption of behaviors among families and caregivers that would increase the utilization of safe and nutritious foods.
Increase the availability and access to sufficient quantity of safe and nutritious foods.
Small Scale Animal Husbandry
Our IGAs are designed to empower women due to their limited access to financial resources & other socio-economic barriers.
The Small-scale Animal Husbandry is part of CenRID's Income Generating Activities (IGAs) designed to increase the economic independence of vulnerable households. CenRID will work with financial institutions and other NGOs to secure start-up capital for these households to start small-scale animal production.
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