The Backstory

Two in every five pregnant women in Eastern Uganda have anemia, which poses serious risks to both maternal health and fetal well-being, and increases the risk of child death. To combat these risks, CenRID has worked to provide essential prenatal vitamins and supplements, which have proved effective at reducing the risk of serious birth defects, to over 1900 pregnant women and 11,000 children under 5 years old in Eastern Uganda where women are most vulnerable.

How You Can Help

With the money raised through this campaign, the CenRID team can greatly increase our outreach and help 1,000 more pregnant women in underserved communities in Uganda. 100% of the proceeds raised will be used to directly help these women through providing essential vitamins for maternal and child health, improving nutrient uptake by providing micronutrient powders to fortify commonly consumed food products, controlling malaria by providing intermittent preventive treatment (IPT), and controlling hookworms by providing deworming medications.

Any amount you can donate towards our goal is immensely valuable and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to the CenRID team and the people of Uganda!

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Other Causes

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