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Child's optimal development

Creating opportunities for children to play and explore their environment are fundamental requisites for a healthy development.
Our strategy for mitigation and engagement is grounded in the Total Assessment Model of Early Childhod Development (TEAM-ECD).
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Children physical activity before age 5 matters so much because of the developing brain.
The importance of early childhood physical literacy development should not be overlooked. The brain connections and neural pathways that are formed before the age of five set the foundations for how the brain will develop throughout life.
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Impacts of ECD PROGRAMS?

Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs have the potential to greatly affect an individual’s physical health, including issues such as obesity, stunting and heart disease, mental health, literacy and numeracy skills, criminality, and economic participation throughout his/her life. CenRID's My Childhood My Future (MCMF) project seeks to address these issues and ultimately increase the perinatal and child survival in Eastern Uganda.

focus areas

Quality of Care
Creation of opportunities for children to play and better explore their home environment.
Quality of Education
Bi-annual evaluation of caregivers' competence level and training curriculum.
Child's Developmental Status
Assessment of the child's developmental status; literacy-numeracy, physical, social-emotional, and learning.
Child's Nutritional Health
Promotion of good standards of health and eating habits.
Maternal Mental Health
Promotion of the use of GHQ and SRQ for early diagnosis of psychological distress.
Maternal Health
Support of expectant mothers in accessing antenatal and postnatal services and the promotion of good hygiene practices.
Economic Independence
Creation of opportunities for economic independence through IGAs, VSLAs, small scale animal husbandry, better money management and budgeting techniques.
Child's Rights
Community sensitization through mass media campaigns on Child Rights.
System Strengthening
Provision of Continuing Education (CE) for Health Professionals and the promotion of inclusive programs.

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