Chinonye Egbulem


Global Health and Social Impact Expert

Chichi is a social-impact thought leader, gender specialist, data analytics guru, and organizational development consultant. All of her advocacy work is centered on racial equity, economic empowerment, and employee wellbeing. She joined PEPFAR Uganda in August 2019 where she supported the violence prevention and response portfolio- working on Quality Assurance for GBV to improve post violence care. Chi Chi is a social-impact thought leader, gender-based violence advisor, and mental health advocate. She has experience developing strategic communication plans and providing technical assistance to implement innovative
programmatic solutions in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Gender-Based Violence, Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Maternal Mental Health and Early Childhood Development. She coalesces her love for public health and social work through her demonstrated commitment working to empower people and communities through the design and implementation of effective policies, therapeutic mindfulness-based interventions, public health programming, and economic development programs. Chi Chi has a Masters degree in Public Health and Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, USA. She currently serves as the Interim DREAMS Coordinator where she supports the implementation of the PEPFAR strategy for the DREAMS initiative in Uganda.


We are an ambitious and dynamic team of public health and development practitioners eager to develop new tools, knowledge, ideas, and methods to improve lives across the globe.

The Center for Research & International Development (CenRID)  is a global nonprofit organization based in New York, NY that focuses on development research and project implementation.
Our purpose is to implement evidence-based interventions and conduct high-quality research aimed at discovering new knowledge to improve the education and healthcare delivery and access for vulnerable populations.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To use data driven research to improve healthcare delivery and access, and education for vulnerable populations and communities.
CenRID​​ envisions a world where everyone attains the right to a high quality of life.


Honesty and integrity are the nucleus of our identity. They are the foundation of every successful and impactful intervention we implement. We remain steadfast to doing the right thing for the individuals and communities with which we work, and ensuring that our research methods and program interventions adhere to the highest ethical standards.


We are transparent and we expect to be held accountable by the communities we serve and our donors; it is how we earn their trust.   We will always take responsibility for our actions and address any missteps. We are an ambitious organization and we will learn as we grow.


We conduct a readiness assessment prior to each program or intervention. This implementation approach enables us to develop an intervention strategy that is reflective of the priority needs, concerns, and views of the community, which in turn empowers the community to take ownership of program or intervention


We believe effective teamwork and collaboration maximizes each partner's expertise and capabilities, and thus drives positive results.


We enthusiastically pursue innovative knowledge, ideas, tools, and methods that would catalyze the achievement of our project goals.

respect & cultural sensitivity

Our goal is to modify behaviors, not cultures. We strive to ensure that our program delivery methods are culturally compatible.      

Our dedicated leadership team is made up of experts who are committed to our mission and vision.