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Improving livelihoods & building resilience for food security & nutrition.

Harriet Kasubo, 35, is a housewife living in Bunyoro West in Wonkole Sub-County with her husband and 3 children. Harriet and her family are one of the program beneficiaries and participated in the permagarden training designed by CenRID.
Our Permagarden4allinitiative, which is a climate-smart strategy that combines permaculture; an agricultural approach using design principles to utilize natural systems for production, and bio-intensive agriculture; an agricultural approach to maximize production on a small amount of land through sustainable practices that increases biodiversity, to create a highly productive garden, sought to improve the nutritional status of undernourished children under 5, and food insecure households in the Wonkole Sub-County in Kamuli District, Uganda.
Using simple tools, Harriet and other targeted participants learned how to create highly productive gardens and prepare balanced meals that ultimately reduced their nutritional deficiencies, and improved the food situation in over 500 households in the project sites. Harriet and her family utilized only a small amount of land to produce nutritious food by learning the natural principles of proper gardening and matching those principles to basic practice.

Plant-positive pest control practices, focusing on pest and drought-resistant crops such as peas, broad beans, and stone-head cabbage, among others, were planted. Planting began during the onset of the rainy season in March. During the first season of planting, the households focused on leaf and fruit crops, including amaranthus (Doodo), cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, solanum (Nakati), eggplant, cucumber, etc. These crops enjoy lots of nitrogen so they were planted first in the newly constructed and fertilized garden bed. Root crops and legumes, including carrots, peas, groundnuts, etc. were planted during the second season to add nitrogen back to the soil.

Harriet and her family participated in the permagarden training designed by CenRID. Consequently, she learned the basic principles of permaculture and sustainable agriculture. She was stunned by the high crop yields and was very excited after her first harvest. Harriet and her family enjoys balanced meals using yields from the garden. They eat nakati, cabbage, carrots, and egg plants each week.

"The permagarden provides a quick source of food for my family. It has made it easier for us to prepare meals since we now have a steady supply of a  different variety of fruits &vegetables growing in our backyard. We are now saving the money we used to purchase these fruits and vegetables"

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